PRP Is Revolutionizing the Field of Pain Management

If you’re looking for a natural, drug- and surgery-free solution for pain relief, you’re not alone. That’s just one of the reasons why regenerative treatments like PRP are revolutionizing the field of pain management. But what is PRP, and why is it such a game-changer? 

PRP, or platelet-rich plasma therapy, is a type of cutting-edge medical treatment in the field of regenerative medicine. Unlike traditional health care strategies that only focus on your symptoms, regenerative medicine uses your body’s natural ability to heal to restore the damage or disease causing your symptoms. By healing the damage in your body, you no longer feel pain or discomfort.

At Lifestyle Rejuvenation Medical Group, the team believes in using your body’s innate healing powers to restore the damage. Here’s what you need to know about PRP and how it can relieve your pain for good.

How PRP works

There are different forms of regenerative medicine, depending on what is used to trigger your body’s healing process. PRP uses vital elements found in your blood, mainly your platelets and plasma. But before going on, let’s take a minute to learn a bit about these important components.


You may be aware that your platelets help your body clot when you get hurt. But they also play a crucial role on a cellular level by producing growth factors associated with cell division, tissue regeneration, and healing.


Plasma is mostly water, but this liquid component of your blood also contains essential proteins and antibodies.

When concentrated for use in PRP therapy, we can increase these vital elements in your blood, making them 5-10 times higher than normal. 

Using PRP to treat pain

As a regenerative form of medicine, PRP works to trigger the healing process in your body. By delivering concentrated amounts of these healing substances to the site of damage or disease causing your pain, we can help activate the production of healthy, new cells in the area, which accelerates the healing and tissue remodeling process.

We recommend this approach for several painful conditions, including:

By using regenerative medicine treatments like PRP, you can accelerate the healing process and restore function to your pain site, while often reducing your needs for risky medications or surgery as well.

What to expect from PRP therapy

We perform PRP therapy as a routine office visit. First, we draw blood from your arm and then prepare your sample by spinning it in a special, sterile centrifuge machine. 

After preparing your serum, we injected directly into the area of your body causing your pain. It’s common to experience mild swelling and discomfort immediately following your PRP treatment. This response is a completely normal part of the natural healing process that the treatment activates and these symptoms usually fade within a week.

Because PRP treats pain by restoring healthy tissue in the area, it usually takes a few weeks to find relief because this process takes a little time. However, as new cells returned to the area, you’ll start to notice less pain and inflammation along with more stability and range of motion in the treatment site.

To see if PRP is right for you, contact our office in Hyde Park, Chicago, by calling 773-667-9053 or by requesting an appointment online today.

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