How Bodysculpting Can Give you the Swimsuit Figure You've Always Wanted

If you feel like you’re fighting a losing battle against fat, you’re not alone. That’s why our experienced team at Lifestyle Rejuvenation Medical Group offers cutting-edge laser therapy treatments to help you reach your fat loss goals. And, if you start your FDA-approved Zerona® session today, you can have the body you’ve been dreaming of by the time summer arrives.

Fighting fat with Zerona

When you think about body fat, it’s easy to assume that the number of fat cells you have increases and decreases as you gain or lose weight. However, the amount of fat cells doesn’t change throughout your adult life. Instead, the cell itself grows larger or smaller, which creates volume in your body, like love handles, saddlebags, and muffin-tops.

What sets the Zerona system apart when it comes to fat loss is its cold laser technology used to stimulate these cells to release stored, fatty, intracellular material. This type of technology, also known as low-level laser technology (LLLP), disrupts the outer membrane of a fat cell, making pores that release the trapped fatty material inside. Once the stored intracellular fat escapes the cell, your lymphatic system flushes it from your body.

Unlike other body contouring devices that focus on destroying fat cells, Zerona treatments preserve these complex and dynamic structures. That’s because your fat cells aren’t the enemy; they support numerous bodily functions crucial to your overall health, like regulating our metabolism and immune system.

When to consider Zerona

Treatment with Zerona can help anyone in generally good health lose inches of unwanted body fat. This noninvasive approach can target problematic pockets of fat in numerous parts of your body, including:

Zerona also comes with clinically tested and proven results. In fact, most men and women lose an average of 3.72 inches from their hips, thighs, and waist in just six, 40-minute sessions. 

What to expect during a Zerona treatment

We personalize our Zerona body contouring treatments on a case-by-case basis. But each treatment typically takes 20 minutes on each side with six lasers targeting your problem areas at the same time. This process is completely painless, and you can relax comfortably while the laser does its work.

After your treatment, you can return to normal activities immediately without the need for downtime, restrictive bandages, or dangerous medications. That’s because treatment with Zerona is safe and gentle and doesn’t cause any harm to your fat cells or surrounding tissue.

Since Zerona works by stimulating your fat cells to release trapped material, it can take a few weeks to a few months before you start seeing results. Some men and women see results within a few treatments, while others see the greatest changes at the end of their treatment cycle. That’s because everyone's body is different, which affects how quickly you can process the treated fat from your system. 

To maintain your figure after having Zerona treatments, we recommend following a healthy diet and exercise program.

For more information on Zerona body contouring, contact our office in the heart of Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood in Illinois by calling 773-667-9053 or by requesting an appointment online today.

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