Are You Worsening Your Knee Pain With These Bad Habits?

Knee pain can strike at any moment and any age. Injuries, like tears, strains, or broken bones are common occurrences along with painful symptoms due to medical problems, like infections and arthritis. Furthermore, your knees also undergo a lot of strain on a daily basis, which can lead to overuse injuries and degenerative conditions. Clearly, your knees are susceptible to many painful conditions.

At Lifestyle Rejuvenation Medical Group in Hyde Park, Chicago, Illinois, our team specializes in holistic and supportive approaches to managing problems like knee pain. To protect your knees, we recommend ditching these common habits.

Skimping on exercise

While certain activities can put repetitive strain on your joints, regular exercise is an essential part of maintaining healthy knees. That’s because the right forms of moderate exercise help build stamina, strength, and flexibility, which keep your bones, muscles, and connective tissue strong.

We recommend participating in low impact activities daily, like walking, swimming, biking, yoga, and strength training. And, to reduce your chance of injury, be sure to spend five to 10 minutes warming up and cooling down. If you already live with knee pain, we can provide personalized recommendations to increase your activity safely.

Carrying extra pounds

Losing unwanted weights is the first step to protecting your knees. That’s because each extra pound you carry puts up to 3 pounds of additional pressure on your knees every time you walk. And, when you run? Those numbers more than triple. 

Putting this extra stress on your joints not only increases your chance of developing osteoarthritis, but it can also accelerate cartilage degeneration in your knees. Without cartilage cushioning your joints, your bones can’t move against each other smoothly and comfortably. Fortunately, losing weight can cut the risk of osteoarthritis in half.

Ignoring your posture

It may not seem like standing up straight has anything to do with knee pain. However, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, having proper alignment throughout your entire body reduces unnecessary strain on your ligaments, muscles, and joints.

To practice proper posture, we recommend:

We can also make recommendations that protect your knees during activities, like walking, running, sitting, and lifting.

Picking the wrong shoes

You may love those high heels or flip-flops, but wearing the wrong shoes can put a lot of unwanted strain on your knee joints. Instead, opt for high-quality shoes that provide proper support. Remember, these needs can change depending on your activity, and certain anatomical issues can require special considerations — like flat feet. high arches, overpronation, and bowed legs. Fortunately, we can help correct these problems to relieve unwanted pressure on your knees.

If you have knee pain, contact our convenient location in the heart of Chicago’s Hyde Park by calling 773-667-9053 or by scheduling an appointment online today.


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